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Hi I’m Ally, a writer of ADHD-fuelled autistic rambles. I have just finished my master’s in psychology where I researched autism and friendship and I am planning my PhD for next year to focus on autistic experiences of grief.

I have recently launched Practical Neurodiversityand wanted a space of my own running in parallel where I could write and share my rambles whilst I am writing a book on autistic ways of being and communicating. So, here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

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Nothingness & Forgiveness

From a concussion to start my year and the dizzying dreamlike states of nothingness I entered into to the same nothing-like states of memory I find in relation to a head injury from years ago, I discuss how I navigate this in terms of post-traumatic growth whilst also suggesting how we ought to consider this growth in the ways we learn to forgive the other too.


Practical Neurodiversity community-based recourses and story sharing project

Decentred a book on autism, identity, and the violence of neuronormativity

The Horse Girl was Autistic, the Quirky Sportstar had ADHD & Other (Mis)Adventures of Neurodiversity a long read on identity and (mis)understandings

I also have some fiction on the go too! There is always fiction going somewhere.


If you ever want to say hello, ahoy, greetings, or any other form of salutations, or if you have any neat book recommendations (I always appreciate these), I have an email for this: pallyallyally@gmail.com


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