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Hi I’m Ally, a writer of rambles. I am a PhD student researching autistic experiences of grief and loss. This is just a space for me to ramble away about my studies, my neurodivergence, and my thoughts and feelings beyond all of that: I just need my own space to write. There will be academic stuff, personal stuff, poetry, maybe even some fiction too, these are just my ADHD-fuelled autistic rambles which will come and go in frequency, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

I have also launched Practical Neurodiversityand I am currently writing two books: one on autistic ways of being and communicating and the other on the concept of nothingness… these will be long-term projects that get there when they get there.


Neurodiversity 101 – Neurodevelopmental Disorders

This is an infographic I made for a workshop recently outlining some a brief overview of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) currently recognised in the clinical literature. These are short definitions of NDDs and there is much more nuance to each one, but it is a good and simple place to start with each term. Intellectual Developmental…


Practical Neurodiversity community-based recourses and story sharing project

Beyond Neuronormativity a book on autism, identity, and neuronormativity

On Nothingness a book on the philosophy and psychology of nothingness

I also have some fiction on the go too! There is always fiction going somewhere.


If you ever want to say hello, ahoy, greetings, or any other form of salutations, or if you have any neat book recommendations (I always appreciate these), I have an email for this: pallyallyally@gmail.com


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